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Design Strategy

Sophisticated product design is no coincidence. The basis for the successful integration of a distinctive design is the strategic planning and stringent implementation of a coherent design concept. We will find with you the essential attributes of your products and their meaningful and practicable translation into the design language.

Design Development

The design is just one piece of the puzzle in the entire design process and only survives if it fits seamlessly into conception and series development. We develop first-class design for your products from the conception over the design to production-oriented CAD surfaces and accompany your development team through to the implementation in the series production.

Profile- & Design-Analysis

We analyze your performance and product portfolio - also compared to your relevant competitors or related industries - and show you where conceptual uncertainties lurk and by what means your products can be positioned stringently and unmistakably on the market to optimally support the values of your brand.

Product Graphics

Many products require labels, graphical input systems or warning & signs. Together with you, we develop the graphics that are suitable for the product and produce production-ready print templates for product labels, membrane keyboards or standard-compliant safety decals.

Design Decisions

Often, developers or product managers are faced with design decisions that are difficult to make without proper expertise, or become mere gut decisions, potentially losing the potential of strategic design development. We show you comprehensible evaluation criteria for design decisions and support you during the decision-making process.

Know-How Support

Design development and implementation, the CAD design of high quality design surfaces or the design of moldings or surface finishes for specific manufacturing processes can not be mastered and maintained in every development team.
We support you with our many years of expertise, so that there is no gap between ambitious design goals and high-quality implementation in the series product.

User centered product development

The product should be designed for the users - and they have to be able to use it as simply, safely and intuitively as possible. We take the user-centered perspective for you and focus on user-friendly usability concepts.

From single production to series

The growing success of products is leading to increasing volumes, requiring serial manufacturing processes. Together with you we design components, production and assembly processes for small batches and series and support you on the threshold of mass production.

Modularization & functional integration

In order to better amortize tool investments, molded parts should be able to be used in modular identical-part concepts and combine as many functions as possible. We'll show you how to optimally use tool-related parts and recurring assemblies and functions - so that tool inventories become an opportunity and not a cost trap.

Selective support

In addition to complex design developments, we also support you selectively on individual topics. For example, quality standards for component surfaces, warning & signage notices or concept ideas for your innovation projects can be handled detached from entire development processes.

Development Partnership

For specific analysis and development questions, we can consult you with specialized partners who optimally support the respective development step. For the selection of suitable materials and manufacturing processes, we share our contacts with development partners and suppliers with you.

Local Service

For quick and effective decisions, personal contact and agile process structures are important. We are happy to work with you on-site with your development team to work out the right solutions without time-consuming detours and to store product data securely within your network.

Methodical design development

With coordinated process steps to successful product design

1. Analsis

2. Conception

3. Design Development

4. Design Implementation

5. Detailing

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